Hi friends,
Welcome to my blog ZAIQA-E-HIND.
A pinch of spices make your food tasty,gourmet,delicious.Cooking food is an art and the way of presentation shows how creative you are?
Every person has different qualities,some are good and some are very good,yet all beautiful,that define their personalities.
When I was a young...my father always used to tell my mom prepare something different besides the traditional food,show some creativity.He loved to cook and so he loved to eat as well.He never forced me to cook but always wanted me to know how to prepare delicious food.I got this legacy from my parents.
I love cooking and almost every week I prepare one special dish for my family,am interested in preparing continental food.Every country or state has its own style or version of recipes.From last four years I have been cooking food.But last month one of my friend said to me you always prepare variety of food,why don't you start blogging? Then I created Zaiqa-e-hind.I will try my best to make it better and hope you guys will like it........Without your comments and suggestions it's incomplete.



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  3. Please Include Juice section also.
    I have found Carrot-Apple-and-Beet Root juice very healthy.



    1. Thanks for your suggestion,I will try to add juice section.
      Site is very helpful and informative.